Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?

Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?

Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?

People are crazy about Ottoman beds. People love how much they can hideaway under them and still they look immensely beautiful and stylish. There are different kind of furniture with different sizes yet the bed in houses takes the much space. So it seems really silly we don’t make a good use of the space it takes. Instead of buying the wardrobe, what if you get bed and wardrobe at same place. That’s where ottoman bed comes in! It offers huge storage space when the base of bed lifts up. Well, the excitement must be giving you Goosebumps but we fear with this sudden excitement, you don’t make any bad bed choice. So, we at Comfyysleep have decide to take our time to prepare a guide to try and make this choice a little easier for yourself.

Bases of Ottoman Bed

Sprung Slatted or Boarded Mattress Base

Generally sprung slatted bases comes in different quality. If ottoman bed is kinder on the purse strings, that only means it has sprung slatted base. The prices of ottoman beds are usually high. As these beds offer dual functionality so these are built with best material to provide customers with best quality. Speaking of boarded mattress base, its best option to go with. They’re durable and engineered to offer a more supportive base for your mattress. We suggest Ottoman beds, as they offer great quality air boarded mattress base which has been built with timber wood to the standards of the United Kingdom. Some of the ottoman storage bed has reinforced sprung slatted base. For an extra support bar down the middle of each side of slats. These sprung slatted bases are rigid and supportive base that are manufactured to stand the test of time.

Storage Opening Options

Ottoman storage bed usually have high price as it has this internal storage construction. The most basic Ottoman bed comes without any floor base which mean your items would sit on your floor under your bed. There are some ottoman beds which comes with Velcro lining that sits at the bottom of the frame and lets you store you item on it and dust does not get in.

Ottoman beds have excellent internal ottoman bed construction and all of their ottoman beds have an internal floating floor, guaranteeing your items are enclosed and high off the ground.

·        Side Lift

Side lift ottoman beds open from the side of the bed, which works well with rooms of limited space, as one side of the bed may not be accessible. They can come in a variety of sections, commonly two with one in each section of a divan foundation, but they can also come in a single huge section if that is possible.

·        End Lift

End lift ottoman beds lifts up from the foot end of the bed. Moreover provides easy access to each side of the storage and comes in either single or multiple section options. They can come in a variety of sections, commonly two with one in each section of a divan foundation, but they can also come in a single huge section if that is possible.

·        Half Lift


Half-lift ottomans are ideal for tiny rooms with sloped ceilings or for situations where you need both drawer and under-bed storage. In oddly shaped rooms, this can help maximize storage possibilities.

Gas Lift Technology

Even a divan ottoman bed may open like an ottoman box, it has boarded floor for you safely store items in it and keep them away from dust. Ottoman storage bed tend to be easier to lift up as each box comes with 2 gas lift pistons lifting on each half. One thing to take into account is its access to your bedroom, in general they’re easier to lift, taking heavy mattress. Well engineered boarded mattress base, provides you with an interior floor to store your items.

Colors and Fabrics

It could be really confusing for one to choose fabric and color as there are varieties of both. It’s better to order a fabric sample with required color prior to the order. These are frequently shipped first class and arrive the next day, and are excellent for providing you a better picture of what you’re buying. Greys or silver are the most popular colors we offer at Comfyysleep. It appears that grey is the new beige because it is a palette that fits with everything.

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