Memory foam vs pocket sprung which is better?

Memory foam vs pocket sprung which is better?

Memory foam vs pocket sprung which is better?

After a hectic day, sleeping into a soft and warm bed is an unparalleled feeling. For that feeling, you must get comfort and support from your mattress. We explore the ups and downs of two prevalent mattress types in the market: Memory foam vs pocket sprung.

Your mattress should not only be addressing your sleep pattern but also be supportive of your body posture. With so many choices and variants, it has become hard to wrap your head around the buying process of any mattress these days.

Pocket sprung and memory foam both offers pros and their cons, so we tried to make this guide to focus upon the mattress performance. Where we come across certain differences between memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses, there are some similarities too.

What is a memory foam mattress?

  • Memory foam is made of viscoelastic foam, initially designed for aeroplane seats.
  • Hospitals used these for spinal support and lessen bed sores
  • It is a firm mattress to touch but it’s design takes shape to contour your body

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

A pocket sprung mattress is transition from traditional spring mattresses to the present design.

  • This design offers improved comfort and support.
  • Unlike other sprung mattress, pocket springs offer individual case for every spring.
  • The result of individual packing provides smooth and supportive feel.

Memory foam vs. pocket sprung

When it comes to selecting the right mattress for yourself, you need to consider your individual needs and requirements. Here are a few vital questions to consider when selecting a mattress:


Do you overheat during your sleep at night? If yes, memory foam is not for you.


Do you move around a lot during the night? If yes, pocket sprung mattress accommodate you better.

Bed sharing

Do you share your bed with your partner? If yes, memory foam is better motion absorbers.


Memory foams more durable as compared to pocket sprung.


Do you experience joint or spine problems? If so, memory foam supportive material will be better for you.


Do you like firm foam or bouncy one? To choose among the two is completely up to you.

Explore our selection of memory foam mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses.

Pros of Memory Foam

Heat sensitive

  • It is suitable for cooler climates because memory foam is warm.

Longer lasting

  • Memory foam design allows itself to come back to its original form unlike spring mattress.

Highly supportive

  • Joint or back problems can be addressed using memory foam because it molds according to your body.


  • Foam mattresses don’t gather dust. They are best if you suffer from allergies or respiratory issues.

Shock absorption

  • If you keep changing your side while sleeping, memory foam will make it easy for you.

Cons of Memory foam

Heat retention

It does not allow air to circulation.


Chemical inside memory foam smell a lot.


Sinking into the mattress make you unable to move easily


It is heavy to move from one place to another.

Pros of Pocket Sprung

Bouncy and springy

When you lie down, you get a floating feel

Comfort and support

Unlike other spring mattresses, encased springs make sleeping smooth and supportive

More options to choose from

There are several designs in pocket sprung mattresses to choose from.


It allows air circulation around you to move freely. This process keeps you cool as you sleep.


Pocket sprung responds well to the pressure of heavier body parts.

Cons of sprung mattress

  • Pressure to a pocket sprung mattress is not reciprocated.
  • You feel pressure on the chest, hips and head.
  • Joint and back issues are not addressed.
  • It is heavy to move.


Who won the battle, memory foam or pocket sprung?

Answer of the question depends upon buyers’ preferences. Every one holds different opinions in the debate of memory foam vs pocket sprung mattress. We want you to get the stellar night’s sleep.

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