How to Store a Mattress?

How to Store a Mattress?

Comfyysleep offers you a step by step guide to save your used mattress for future use

To find a suitable mattress in less time is a blessing and even greater one is, when you find a cost effective mattress with ease. Mattresses have a long life expectancy of nearly 10 to 15 years which means you have to choose a mattress wisely before investing your time and money in it. Like all valuables, we want our mattress to remain safe when we are not currently using it. Even in the storage, the fear of mattress getting damage beyond repair remains intact. Appropriate steps to save the mattress are to be taken into consideration to save it.

Perhaps you are tired of your squeaky single bed and thinking about buying a double bed, or perhaps your single bachelor life has come to an end and you need a king size bed. Whatever may the case be, appropriate steps can increase the life of your mattress. What this article will provide you! You ask. S7ven step guide to store your mattress the right way.


Seven Steps to Store Your Mattress

  1. Thoroughly clean and air out the mattress

We all wash out bedding once a week or perhaps twice, your mattress can still be home to dust mites and dirt gathered over the period of use. It is advised strongly against storing an unclean mattress which might result in bacteria, fungus and damp smell.

  • Just the way you store your summer or sometimes winter clothes in your wardrobe after cleaning and drying them up, you can also easily follow these steps to store you precious mattress.
  • Remove bedding from you mattress and then remove your mattress from bed base.
  • Next step is to save your mattress from lingering odors. You can do it by putting some baking soda on it.
  • Remove baking soda with a vacuum.
  • Let the air pass through your mattress before you put it into storage.
  1. Wrap the mattress in plastic

You should pack your mattress into plastic sheets and then seal that plastic with duct tape or any tape available. Thick plastic is not advised to wrap the mattress because they could trap mist in side. Like most things, mattresses should be packed in light plastic. You should cover you mattress in the storage. If you want to keep you mattress away for some time, you should buy a mattress bad not expensive then 20 bucks. These covers help to keep the mattress dry.

Bonus Tip: If you’re storing a mattress for an extended period of time, unwrap the plastic covering every few months to allow the mattress to breathe. After that, make sure to completely reseal the bag.

  1. Move in a covered moving truck

If your storage unit is away from your home, use a vehicle which is completely covered. To create space in the moving truck or vehicle, you should place the mattress on its side. It is also advised to not to put heavy furniture on you mattress.

  1. Lay the mattress flat when storing

You should always store you mattress in its natural position or the position it takes on the bed. It is not recommended to keep you mattress sideways in the storage unit or attic. You can either save your space in the storage or your mattress, the choice is yours. Mattresses must be stored flat because the coils and inner workings of a side-stored mattress may eventually settle out of place, ruining the cushion.

  1. Keep everything off the mattress

Nothing should ever be stored on top of the mattress. The springs might be damaged by heavy things. Also, heavy objects create more wear to the exterior. Place the mattress on top of other objects, such as pallets or other flat-topped furniture, to maximize space. But make sure everything is in order!

  1. Find the best place to store a mattress

Moisture and temperature variations are major concerns when storing any furniture. These mischievous critters can cause serious damage to a mattress. Because of these variables, storing a mattress in a basement for any length of time is a bad idea. Consider upgrading from a regular storage unit to a climate-controlled storage unit if you’re renting one. If you choose climate control, your storage room will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, protecting your pricey mattress and bed from extreme temperature swings.

If you choose to store the mattress in a standard storage unit or in your basement or garage, invest in a portable dehumidifier. Despite the fact that this configuration isn’t perfect, this item will help to remove moisture and maintain the condition of your mattress.

  1. Repeat Step 1 when retrieving a mattress from storage

Even if you take every measure to keep your mattress in good condition, it may still have a residual stench when you remove it from storage. It’s critical to unwrap your mattress and let it air out for several hours before sleeping in it that night. After letting its air out, repeat step one and clean your mattress. Apply a small amount of baking soda, let it sit for an hour, vacuum the residue, and let your mattress air out one last time. Now your mattress should be fresh, clean, and ready to be slept on.

Importance of Storing Your Mattress

Maintaining the quality of your mattress begins with knowing how to keep it properly. Consider getting a mattress protector to help keep your mattress extra clean and secure in storage by preventing dust and mold.

If you follow these instructions, you’ll have a greater chance of picking up a clean, odor-free mattress in the future.

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