Mattresses for back pain were designed to provide necessary comfort. With the passage of time, needs and demands of people shifted from comfort to more comfort and health benefits. Changes in people’s needs made manufacturer develop novel designs of mattress which not only were cozier but also focused on addressing health benefits of the clients.

These novel mattress designs have three major categories: pocket sprung memory foam, and hybrid.  Market offers number of hybrid mattresses for spine support and alignment with new technologies and resources.

Customers have different preferences in mattresses. Firm mattress is very important when it comes to back pain. Brands these days offer a firmness rating which allows you to pick a product of your liking based on your weight.

Many mattress brands establish every year and offer very tempting deals with no interest-finance possibilities, lengthy guarantee, and farfetched periods of product testing.

All of this pain just to provide the fact that mattress is very significant, especially when we are dealing with back pain.

Ergoflex 5G Mattress

The Ergoflex mattress is recommended by experts who treat spinal and musculoskeletal conditions. The Ergoflex 5G mattresses are designed for wide variety of sleepers. It particularly targets people going through chronic conditions such as back pain and joint stiffness.

The mattress alleviates pressure from the major points of your body. It also cradles your body securely through the night. Airflow system is combination of open cell foam which helps adjust your body temp and eludes overheating.

Saatva Classic

This mattress provides an innerspring system for better relief, so your mornings feel healthy and restored without any back pain. Firm steel coils strengthen every pocket coils which keeps your posture align. This matters coating is also made of plush pillow top which very luxurious and comfortable. If you buy this mattress, company offers free white glove delivery including ridding of your old bed and placing new one.

Helix Midnight

Hybrid beds mattress are considered for only for side sleepers, and same can be said about Helix Midnight. This Helix design carries firmer coils and softer foam. Sturdy coils and soft foam is good for people who sleep on their sides and require support with comfort. The coils are pocket-wrapped and designed for lumbar support. As the matter of fact, Helix Midnight is one of the best mattresses for both side sleepers and sleepers with lower back pain. The coils keep you up while sleeping in a neutral position, keeping no or less pressure on your lower back.

Helix Twilight mattress

Helix mattresses are just made to meet your needs. The company recommends the perfect mattress made for you if you fill out their questionnaire. This mattress is a considered best for back pain. Helix twilight provides firm feel with no sinking. It’s also not as hard as you think. The Memory Foam + another Foam layer helps support your pressure points. Sleep on your side with a polyfoam layer, it will provide for added support.

GhostBed Flex

To rid of disturbing clammy sleep, buy a hybrid mattress. The GhostBed Flex delivers a cooling night’s rest. It has a sturdy base with coils wrapped individually and with a layer of gel memory foam. GhostBed owns foam which feels as if a new product which lies between memory foam and latex. The GhostBed Flex offers excellent airflow crossing through the mid of the mattress. Furthermore, the GhostBed Flex cooling blanket keeps the top layer extremely chilly so you don’t sweat even as you sink into the bed.


Dream-Cloud’s hybrid mattress base is made of pocket coils which keep your spine straight, reducing the pressure on your lower back area. The mattress is soft but firm also. Cashmere and quilted foam cover provides comfort to sleepers who need extra relief.

Check out the Dream Cloud Premier for more cushioning. DreamCloud uses high quality goods in making process of their products like cashmere and gel-infused foams.


A mattress that can relieve you of back pain should be easy to find. 10 inches of memory foam with high density offers a cloud-like feeling. It is very good at supporting your spine. Puffy mattress comes with free shipping and a trial period of 101-night.

The Puffy mattress top layer gel-infused design helps keep you at nice and comfortable temperature throughout the year. The base layer has firm support foam that combines with top layers to give excellent back support.

Brooklyn Aurora

Sleepers with back pain only look for pressure relief, and Brooklyn Aurora mattress stands on the top in this category. Its excellent pressure relieving system regards for the upper back, shoulder, and neck pain. So, if your back aches all over, this mattress could be the answer for you. Like many mattresses in the market, this also combines memory foam and coils. Your spine alignment is the top most priority every mattress pays attention to.

The best mattresses for pressure relief are frequently made from stuffy layers of memory foam, which can result in a rather warm night’s sleep. However, because this is a hybrid mattress, hot sleepers will appreciate the additional airflow provided by the coil layer.

Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress

If you’re looking for exceptional quality, this is it.

Eight boastful layers of advanced sleep tech, having distinctive ‘wave technology’ which makes sure that the right kind of support and pressure distribution is served. This helps in keeping your spine align and offer better relief from pressure points. The mattress allows 100 days free product check to the customer to see if new mattress suits your needs.


There are memory foam mattresses which don’t offer support for back pain. Leesa mattress falls into the category of mattresses which address issues like spine alignment and back pain. The mattress has medium-firm foam layers to keep posture natural. Its memory foam layer makes contours of your back, hips, and shoulders. Unlike many memory foam beds, Leesa is cool and offers balance of comfort and support without getting stuck inside the mattress.


Nectar offers great support for your back results in reducing lower back pain. Its affordable price makes it demanding than several mattresses. Nectar memory foam and mattress is layered memory foam. It also provides contouring and relief of pressure points. It is an excellent select for hind support. Its gel foam offers temp neutrality, so you sleep undisturbed. Additionally, it offers a year-long product test trial and an enormous return policy.

Casper Wave Hybrid

The Casper Wave Hybrid offers what reliefs back pain. It is said to be the most comfortable mattress. It extremely durable and offers coolness. Restless sleepers always like bounce back because it makes moving from one side to the other a less terrible experience.

Emma Original

The Emma Original foam mattress is the most awarded piece in the UK. It’s also considered a great choice for back pain relief. There are 7 support zones for pressure relief and amazing weight distribution.

There are three layers in Emma Original foam and a heat regulation cover. The foam layers have breathable foam. It relieves pressure and provides extra support. This mattress is 25cm tall and its base is covered in a breathable cover with handles to move. This Emma mattress offers a removable cover which can be washed in a machine.

Eve Original Mattress

The Eve Mattress is much loved mattress because it is 24cm with three layers of breathable foam. It not only boasts but practically has exclusive contour zones. These zones keep you relaxed in every position.

It takes away pressure from various parts of your body, while remaining soft.

OTTY Hybrid Mattress

OTTY Hybrid mattress is considered one of the most popular models. The OTTY mattress consists of full-sized pocket springs. These pocket spring provide it a strong foundation. Its hybrid design has foam with high density and a memory foam layer which can help in regulating temperature. One of the layers allows pressure relief around back, shoulder and hip.

The mattress comes with side support and airflow tech. Mattress allows breathing with ease. Cover of this mattress makes a comfortable surface and is machine washable too.

Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe Pocket 1200 Mattress

There is a perfect mattress for everyone. If you’re searching for a comfortable one that is planet friendly as well affordable, the Silentnight is the best fit for you.

The mattress is made up of 150 recycled bottles. On the level of firmness, it is a medium firm mattress which is a good mattress for back pain relief.

Amerisleep AS1

Ameri foam is more responsive and adaptive to motion than any mattress. It also contours your back, endorsing more aligned and pressure relief. Back pain soft spots can deteriorate your comfort. Don’t worry because this memory foam bounces back in seconds. With novel design, the Amerisleep AS1 offer coolness by letting air to pass through.

Casper Original Mattress

Last but not least is the Casper original mattress which is considered useful when it comes to back pain issues. The Casper mattress offers three layers which support to align your spine. Your back pain will be relieved by firmer foam for lower body, while softer foam covering your shoulders supports your upper body.  Durable foam base adds strength and support in the mattress to keep your heavy body from sinking.


In such a long list of hybrid mattresses, it becomes a little difficult to choose one best hybrid mattress among all fine quality mattresses. Depending upon people’s opinions and reviews Brook + Wilde’s elite is one such hybrid mattress which works appropriately and supports your spine with its advanced “wave” technology. It’s expensive but it has a lot of benefits. Talking of inexpensive mattresses for back pain, we come across Silentnight’s eco comfort miracoil ortho mattress. In general, memory and latex mattresses are the best choices for back pain. They adapt to your body, support your pressure points along your spine and keep alignment natural. Though, hybrid and coil mattresses offer same benefits, but it completely depends upon your needs and choices. Mattresses are expensive, so store your old mattress properly.

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