Which is The Best Mattress For sleep?

Which is The Best Mattress For sleep?

Which type of mattress is best for sleep?

Are you still using that mattress which you bought years ago? Does it still give you the same comfort and support which it used to? If your answer is ‘No!’ then it’s high time that you should consider getting a new one. A good mattress is the one which assist one relieve pressure from their joints and body.

What if I tell you, the quality of the life you will lead somehow depends on the quality of the sleep. If you’re not getting comfortable sleep, you will stay lazy and unfocused at work all day. Which affects your short term goals and long term as well. As we’re not here to stay for centuries so better to grab your goals as soon as possible.  Therefore, sleeping on old uncomfortable mattress is very risky, because Sleep quality declines as the mattress ages. It happens slowly you may not feel any sudden change in your sleep quality but it will have an affect gradually.

Well, there are number of mattress to choose from depending upon their sizes, colors, material, quality and fabric. Selecting the right mattress is highly subjective as definition of sleeping on comfortable surface varies person to person. Still one should look different mattress prior to buy one.

Types of Mattresses

There are numerous types available in market, ranging from spring to foam mattresses.

Innerspring mattress

Having a steel coil system, innerspring comes in variations like, various springs connected into a single unit or the ones having individually wrapped pocketed coils. Design of springs, gauge and number of coils could be different within the range available. You can choose the one which fits best for you according to your concept of comfortable. Ideally the one with greater number of coils provide more points of support.

Pillow-top mattress

As the name suggests, in pillow top mattress an extra layer of upholstery is knitted onto the top of the mattress to provide more cushion just like pillows on top. This layer can be made by a number of fibers and foams according to your preferable firmness level.

Hybrid mattress

The hybrid mattress is an innovative product which is composed of steel coils, memory foam, polyurethane, and viscoelastic or latex foam along with gels and foams.

Specialty foam mattress

A number of foam types and materials are used to make specialty foam mattress. Gels are also added to enhance its functionality to provide one with best sleeping experience. Sleepers can choose from a wide range of options of foam designs, densities to create mattress which possess different characteristics such as comfort, feel, pressure distribution and heat dispersion.

Gel mattress

Number of gel infused foam mattress use gel for their support system, at upholstery layers or at both. Many types of technology are used to add the gel to the foam. Different gel mattress means different level of pressure relief, levels of comfort, heat dissipation and firmness level.

So, which type of mattress is best?

Every person have different preferences, as they have different needs, sleeping problems. Therefore, they may want a different mattress than their family or friends. After years of research in this field and considering all these individual needs companies have come up with a variety of bed mattresses. When selecting the mattress for yourself, it is critical to keep your needs in mind.

Foam Mattress vs Spring Mattress

Memory foam were invented years before the spring mattress but it does not mean that one is outdated and other is technologically advanced. Unlike memory foam mattress, spring mattresses are more bouncy than memory foam mattresses, which are designed to adjust to the body and relieve pressure.

The process of selecting the best mattress could be confusing for you when you have number of choices available. Each kind of mattress has their own advantages and disadvantages. When you find yourself stuck in the phase where you can’t decide which mattress to choose for you. At that stage, it’s better to get hybrid mattress, as its combination of two mattress, so you get to enjoy features of both. You can visit Comfyysleep to get an ideal sleep mattress for yourself!

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