Why Used Mattresses Are a Health Hazard?

Why Used Mattresses Are a Health Hazard?


   Why Used Mattresses Are a Health Hazard


Are you thinking of buying a used mattress to save some money yet get a mattress but you need to know very important thing before you buy it. Used mattress may come cheap but it can damage your health badly and enhance your back pain issues. Mattress are a considerable investment still some people buy used wallets to ease their wallets but little did they know these mattress are disguise in blessing and they’re given away because they are worn out or have issues.

Before we tell you about the side effects of used mattress, you need to know this article is written by our team at Comfyysleep after well researched issues, which one has to face if they utilize a used mattress.

Side Effects of Used Mattress

Even if you buy a good quality mattress which has been used by someone, it may be unsanitary. Moreover, it lacks the offer of returns and warranty normally provided by companies on new mattresses. Most importantly, it can lead to many health problems.

Aggravates aches and pains


1.      Back pain


From the experience of our experts, they say you can expect your newly bought used mattress to wore out and it may sag as the mattress ages, especially from the center. So, when you sleep on your used old mattress instead of new mattress, you’re actually sleeping on uncomfortable unhygienic surface. The sags and sinks on the surface will give you nothing but an uncomfortable sleeping experience. Moreover, you can expect to wake up with back pain as you will spend your night struggling to find comfortable support for your hips and back pains as you will keep tossing and turning.

If this back pain is not addressed immediately, it will become harder for you to sleep at night and stay active during your day at work and you’re stuck in the loop. This can be avoided on by buying new mattress with little more money.


2.      Neck pain


Buying a used mattress is like placing your head on a trunk. A used old mattress will have many unseen saggy parts and lumps that may cause problems for your neck and head. You may think using a new pillow with an old mattress will solve your problems, but it won’t as the pillow placed on the mattress is unstable, you can expect your neck to tip forward or back.


3.      Increased joint pain


A used mattress can cause spinal and neck health problems. It may also cause joint pains too. There are not many options available that gets you a good mattress when buying a used mattress. So, you end up buying a mattress which is not compatible with your body or not good for your posture. When you lay on your mattress, the whole body weight is on the surface. So, it should provide adequate support. Whether used mattress is too soft or delicate, there will be excessive pressure on the joints. So, you end up having pain in hips, spine, shoulders and back.


Interrupted sleep


Do you suddenly wake up at night in a pool of your sweat? One of the reasons for your sweaty nights may be the decision of buying an old used mattress. Some mattress has the materials used in them, which make the sleeper feel hot. You should always consider checking the specifications of the mattress when buying a new one. Buying a used mattress mean you doesn’t know anything about it. You are just buying it because you want to sleep on it without much information about it. But sleep requires more than a just a mattress.

Trouble falling asleep


An uncomfortable mattress leads to interrupted unhealthy sleep, which can cause sleep deprivation and insomnia. When you are sleep deprived, you will feel sleepy and tired at work or you may not do your activities with full focus. In Unfocused work probability of errors is high. Thus, your chances of getting fired are also. Sleep deprivation can cause mood swings as well. It affects the appetite, immunity and overall health of a person. Sleep is one of most important factor for health, lack of sleep can lead to hazardous diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular issues. To avoid such life taking diseases, it’s better to invest in healthy new mattress than on used mattress.


Aggravates allergies


The allergy season might be difficult every year. The worst part is when symptoms of allergy get more severe for the person suffering from it. Allergies are in the air this time of year, and all you want to do is sleep comfortably in your bed. However, if you sleep on an old mattress, your problems may worsen. So, to prevent the cleaning of mattress on a regular basis, invest in a hypoallergenic mattress to avoid aggravating allergies.


Indirect increase in weight


Using an old mattress to sleep, which is not comfortable can lead to sleeplessness. When you’re unable to sleep, you lack dopamine. This is because there’s hormonal imbalance in the body due to lack of sleep. So, in order to fill it you overeat which eventually causes weight gain. Hormones like leptin and ghrelin are impacted by the amount of sleeps one tends to have. Ghrelin tells the body that your fuel tank is empty. On the other hand, leptin tells the mind if the body had enough sleep and it’s full. Therefore, its ideal to buy new mattress instead of getting used one.


Would You Still Buy Used Mattresses?

Now that you know how hazardous it is to utilize an old used mattress for sleep which causes number of health issues. Would you still buy one? I think not. So you must be wondering what to do with old mattress? It’s obvious that the best to do with an old used mattress is to send it for recycling. Even though you’re tempted to buy a used mattress because of its cheap price. It’s still a bad idea. It may not last longer and you will have to buy another, so it’s ideal to buy new mattress instead of buying used one. Therefore, ditch the idea of buying a used mattress and get a comfortable orthopedic new mattress. If you’re interested in buying a mattress which is engineered with consideration of your health issues then visit Comfyysleep mattress range today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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